Call For Papers ISCEST Conference 2022

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June 21, 2022
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Call For Papers ISCEST Conference 2022

International Society of Comparative Education, Science and Technology (ISCEST) IX Annual International Conference

01 – 03 December 2022

Conference Theme

International Society of Comparative Education, Science and Technology (ISCEST) announces its IX Annual International Conference and its third virtual conference. The theme is Rethinking Sustainable Education for Sustainability in a Pandemic Age. ISCEST invites interested persons from all societal institutions to  participate by presenting a paper and/or by getting involved in the plenary sessions. Postgraduate students and all those who are linked to education in any shape or form are particularly encouraged to attend the conference.

It is difficult to think of sustainability without considering sustainable development, and by extension, education, since it makes allowance for all related sustainability challenges and problems to enter teaching and learning spaces. The issues are interconnected on international levels. Therefore, there remains a place for sustainable education in the global and local curriculum, because it helps to provide the knowledge, skills and attitude that are required for long-term goals and sustainable development. But times have changed and the need to refocus attention on sustainable education has never been more acute.

The expression living with Covid has been banded around in social media and community circles. Whether used formally or flippantly, it points to the need to rethink sustainable education in its broadest and narrowest confines. The ISCEST has long recognised the important role that science and technology play in national development. It is clear that there is no limit to the curricular themes that are appropriate for use in these fields. Environmental, economic or social sustainability each lend itself to a number of subject pathways that help to frame the sustainability discussion in a pandemic age. Moreover, the number of environmental, economic and social changes that are taking place worldwide, does demonstrate the significance of ISCEST’s 2022 conference theme. Therefore, all educational institutions should recognise the wisdom in teaching sustainable living to their learners. Educators should not shy away from their responsibility to put sustainability at the heart of their curricular and non-curricular programmes. They should never lose sight of the fact that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. This means that a sustainable tomorrow rests in the hands of today’s children who are the next generation. It is the educators’ duty to provide learners with a deep understanding of the relevance of sustainability in a pandemic age. They should also ensure that learners are equipped with the skills and attitude necessary to maintain a sustainable future.

Education, science and technology are the broad conference themes. They offer a wide range of topics for research, follow-up discussion and application to real-life situations. This is an opportunity for conference participants to take advantage of the scope they are allowed to compare various situations. Please note that paper will be published in ISCEST’s official journal, Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology (CSCEST). Following are some suggestions that can be used to develop a paper for presentation:


  • The importance of sustainable education and sustainability for the next generation.
  • Teaching learning strategies for sustainable education.
  • Changes educational institutions should consider for a sustainable future.
  • Promoting sustainability in tertiary institutions.
  • Sustainable education for national development.

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

  • The role of agricultural science in sustainable development.
  • The importance of focusing on environmental science for a sustainable society.
  • Promoting agricultural science in a pandemic age.
  • The role of environmental science in national development.
  • Teaching techniques in agricultural science that supports sustainability.

Engineering Science and Technology

  • Promoting sustainability in a technological world.
  • Engineering science and technology in a pandemic age.
  • Factors that hinder the implementation of teaching-learning engineering programmes that support sustainability.
  • Engineering and technology programmes that support sustainable development.
  • Improving the quality of sustainable education with technology and engineering.

Call for Abstracts & Papers

Abstract submission

  • Abstracts should be sent to:
  • Deadline for submission of Abstracts:  15th September 2022
  • Abstract acceptance notification: 30th September 2022
  • Abstracts should be sent electronically to:

Notes on abstract submission

  • Participants may submit Abstracts only.
  • Abstracts must be written in Standard English.
  • Length of Abstract: 150-250 words
  • Accepted Abstracts will be published in the ISCEST 2022 Conference Programme/Book.

Full papers

  • Paper acceptance notification: 15th November 2022


Local participants:                  ₦15,000

Students:                           ₦5,000

Overseas participants:           US$50

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