Weekly Announcements – February 14, 2018

CIES 2018 Mexico City: Reminders to Participants
February 15, 2018
CIES 2018 Mexico City: Program Book Now Available!
March 17, 2018

Weekly Announcements – February 14, 2018

Weekly Announcements —  February 14, 2018

Table of Contents

  1. 2018 CIES Election: Vice President, Officers, and Board of Directors
  2. CIES 2018 Mexico City: Update on Conference Venues & Hotel Accommodations
  3. CIES 2018 Mexico City: Pre-conference Workshops — Register Now!
  4. Call for Applications: Perspectives Editorial Assistant
  5. Call for Proposals: 1st WCCES Symposium
  6. FreshEd #103: The Next Economic Crisis? (William I. Robinson)
  7. Call for Submissions: Asian Education and Development Studies (AEDS)
  8. Call for Submissions: Global Education Review (GER) 
  9. Call for Submissions: Journal on Education in Emergencies
  10. Call for Submissions: The Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography
  11. Call for Proposals: XXVII CESE Conferences
  12. Call for Proposals: WERA 2018 World Congress
  13. Call for Proposals: 40th Annual EAIR Forum 2018
  14. Call for Proposals: Field Research Grants in the United Arab Emirates
  15. IERI Spring Academy 2018
  16. IPD Summer Academy and 3 Month CAS-Research Program 

Job Postings

1. 2018 CIES Election: Vice President, Officers, and Board of Directors

The 2018 CIES election is currently underway and will run through Sunday, February 25, 2018.  You may submit your vote at any time during the election period. To view the slate of candidates on the ballot, please click here.

All CIES members active as of January 15, 2018, should have received an email ballot via ElectionBuddy. However, some institutions may block the hosting site or send messages from ElectionBuddy to your junk folder. If you did not receive a ballot and would like to cast your vote, please contact the CIES OED at oed@cies.us.

2. CIES 2018 Mexico City: Update on Conference Venues & Hotel Accommodations

CIES 2018 will take place at the Hilton Reforma Mexico City, the Fiesta Inn Centro Histórico, and the Museo de Arte Popular (MAP). All venues are conveniently located downtown, just 20 minutes from Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) and just footsteps from the historical downtown area and the famous Reforma Avenue.Take advantage of special discounted rates on hotel accommodations at any of the four official CIES 2018 Mexico City conference hotels:

  • Hilton Reforma Mexico City
  • Fiesta Inn Centro Histórico
  • Histórico Central Hotel
  • Zócalo Central Hotel

As availability at previously announced partner hotels is currently limited to certain dates and/or room types, we have secured additional room blocks at two more properties:

  • Barceló México Reforma
  • Fiesta Americana Reforma

For instructions on how to make your reservation at any of the above properties, please click here.

3. CIES 2018 Mexico City: Pre-conference Workshops — Register Now!

The CIES 2018 Annual Conference will feature a series of pre-conference workshops on Sunday, March 25, 2018. These are intended to offer a space for attendees to engage with experts on important issues and questions related to research, policy and practice in comparative and international education. The pre-conference workshops are designed to have have a pedagogic orientation such that attendees leave with enhanced skills, knowledge and understanding.

Capacity is limited and registration is required for pre-conference workshops at a flat daily rate of $40, which entitles the attendee to participate in up to three (3) workshops.

Participants must register for their workshops of interest in order to reserve a seat; please visit the workshop registration form here. Please be aware of start and end times, as you may not slip between concurrent workshops; session times may vary between 3 and 6 hours in length.

4. Call for Applications: Perspectives Editorial Assistant

The CIES OED, located within Florida International University, announces an internship opportunity as Editorial Assistant for the CIES newsletter, Perspectives.

The role of the Editorial Assistant is to support the CIES Secretary and OED personnel through the entire process and compilation of the newsletter, which is published three times per year (February, June, October) for members of CIES. This includes facilitating professional correspondence with international scholars, liaising with CIES subgroups, encouraging potential contributors, compiling submitted texts and graphics, and assisting with copy-editing and formatting.

Applicants for this internship should be able to demonstrate:

  • professional writing experience at an academic level, with high attention to detail in copyediting/proofing;
  • evidence of excellent language, communication, and interpersonal skills;
  • evidence of cross-cultural communication and global awareness;
  • evidence of good ICT skills;
  • an ability to work independently and keep to deadlines;
  • experience managing a project from start to completion.

If interested in this internship, please send your CV and any relevant writing/design samples to the CIES OED at oed@cies.us. Please note that this posting may continue to be advertised until the position has been formally filled.

5. Call for Proposals: 1st WCCES Symposium

The broad goals of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) are:

  • to advance education for international understanding in the interests of peace, intercultural co-operation, mutual respect among peoples and observance of human rights.
  • to improve education systems so that the right of all to education may be more fully realized.

The theme of this 1st WCCES Symposium responds to the above broad goals and it would be a privilege for its Executive Committee members and wider community of comparative education to actively contribute to its successful organization.  

A number of questions, including (but not limited to) the following are raised as the guiding thread for this symposium:

  • What is the relationship between formal education and the sense of alienation/lack of inclusion?
  • What is the relationship between the different levels of formal education achievement, including the highest degrees from reputable institutions of higher learning from across the globe and the prevailing societal problems?
  • What are the needs and possibilities for promoting re-education of formally educated people or re-conceptualizing and re-designing education to include humanistic values systematically?
  • How can comparative education with its international component contribute to a better understanding of what works and what does not in promoting the virtues of interconnectedness, nonviolence, peace, inclusiveness, improved quality of life and a better appreciation of the positive implications of interdependence within global citizenship?
  • How can comparative education help promote the values of shared humanity?

Abstracts (300 words) should be submitted to symposium@wcces-online.org by February 28, 2018. Selected full papers (6000 words) will be considered for publication in: Global Comparative Education: Journal of the WCCES. Selected short papers (3000 words) will be considered for publication in: World Voices Nexus: The WCCES Chronicle. An edited book manuscript will also be considered. Relevant papers that will not be revised to satisfaction for publication will be posted online. To know more about WCCES, please visit the WCCES website here.

6. FreshEd #103: The Next Economic Crisis? (William I. Robinson)

Are we heading towards another economic crisis? Our guest today, William I. Robinson, says that the Transnational Capitalist Class is facing a crisis of over-accumulation. But what is to be done? Professor Robinson details the social movements that will be necessary to escape the rise of a global fascism.

William I. Robinson is a professor of sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has written extensively on globalization, capitalism, and the transnational capitalist class. His latest opinion piece is entitled “The Next Economic Crisis? Digital Capitalism and Global Police State,” which was published on teleSUR, an alternative representation for world news.

FreshEd with Will Brehm is a weekly podcast that makes complex ideas in educational research easily understood. Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can follow FreshEd on Facebook or Twitter@FreshEdPodcast.

7. Call for Submissions: Asian Education and Development Studies (AEDS)

Quality assurance has become a global concern for scholars and policymakers in higher education. Central and South Asia are regions where quality assurance constitutes a core issue given the rapid growth of higher education, both in terms of enrollments and new institutions. In this special issue — “Higher Education Quality Assurance in Central and South Asia” —  we are starting with the assumption that Higher Education scholars from around the world can derive lessons from the developments in higher education quality assurance taking place in these important regions. By focusing on Central and South Asia, this issue also highlights regions frequently under-represented in the international literature on higher education and present highly contextualized analyses that privilege perspectives on the ground.

Guest editors are welcoming submissions on the following topics:

  • Developments in quality assurance policies at the national or regional level;
  • institutional/organizational/system level analyses exploring the impact and implementation of quality policies;
  • innovations related to teaching and learning or faculty professional development;
  • critical engagements with overarching global trends and policy borrowing, with attention to colonial legacies, regionalization, conflict, and post-Soviet contexts;
  • differences and similarities between public and private higher education institutions
  • studies that seek to identify the drivers and stakeholders on policy development (i.e., governments, policymaking bodies, higher education institutions, multinational organizations);
  • critical analyses of how policies, practices and international ranking systems borne from the Global North have informed quality assurance in Central and South Asia
  • manuscripts that answer the question: What could accreditation look like in South and Central Asian contexts from local, non-Western lenses?; and
  • perspectives that may inform the work of practitioners and policymakers in these regions.

To be considered, please send the guest editors a 500-word abstract outlining your proposed contribution to matthew_witenstein@redlands.edu and gerardo.blanco@umb.edu by February 15, 2018. Be sure to conform to submission guidelines and visit the journal’s website here.

8. Call for Submissions: Global Education Review (GER)

Global Education Review (GER) is a forum for reporting approaches to and implications of educational practice, as well as the influence of social, economic, and political forces on educational practice in different countries or global regions. GER is published in thematic issues that reflect on policy and practice in educational settings in the United States and abroad.   Selected themes focus on issues that are relevant to the field of education, with implications for policy nationally and/or globally. As a generalist journal, GER strives to provide open access, clearly written articles that are free of technical jargon to policy makers and educators at all levels, including those directly involved with student learning on a daily basis.

You are invited to submit a proposal of no more than 500 words (not including the listing of up to 10 references).  In the proposal you should identify the theme and discuss why it is important.

Please email proposals as attachments in Microsoft Word format to the editors, emartone@mercy.edu and mwermuth@mercy.edu. Proposals are due by March 15, 2018. For more information, please click here.

9. Call for Submissions: Journal on Education in Emergencies

The aim of this special issue is to highlight the relevance of the war on drugs to the field of Education and Emergencies (EiE). We seek articles that shed light on the multiple crises generated by this phenomenon and broaden the scope of analysis with critical reflections on cross-cutting issues related to geography, political economy, militarization, and development. This issue aims to position the war on drugs as a key area of research and practice within EiE. For more information, please see our full call here.

Possible themes for papers include, but are not limited to:

  • Impacts of drugs and drug policy on education systems and educational actors, such as students, principals, teachers, and caregivers (including effects of political and structural violence related to the production, commercialization and consumption of illicit drugs)
  • Processes of recruitment, criminalization and educational exclusion of children and youth involved in the drug economy
  • Education policy and programming in response to drugs and drug policy.

Recognizing the global scope of these issues, we welcome submissions from all regions of the world.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts is May 1, 2018. Inquiries regarding topic or scope for the special issue can be sent to mj.bermeo@uniandes.edu.co or dm.rodriguez@uniandes.edu.co. For further information regarding submission process, please refer to our website here.

10. Call for Submissions: The Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography

The Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography (DCALAB) by Oxford University Press is looking for contributors to write various biographical entries. From Toussaint L’Ouverture to Pelé, it provides a comprehensive overview of the lives of Caribbeans and Afro-Latin Americans who are historically significant.

Articles are between 500-1000 words, conversational in tone, and written for an interested lay audience. If you are interested in contributing or would like further information, please write to Associate Editor, Zackery Cuevas at Zackery.Cuevas@oup.com.

11. Call for Proposals: XXVII CESE Conference

The University of Cyprus, Nicosia will be hosting the 27th Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE) conference May 29 – June 1, 2018. The conference which focuses on Identities and Education: Comparative Perspectives in an Age of Crisis, offers the chance to examine and problematise our contemporary moment.

Through the heuristic of identity, the conference aims at creating a platform for understanding our current challenges and considering the potential of education to address them. As an intellectual strategy, comparative education is well suited to explore the intersections of local, regional and global history, social structures and biographies of persons that interact to produce uncertainty as well as opportunity. As a palimpsest of history, cultures, aesthetics, geopolitics and disputed meanings, Cyprus and its capital city of Nicosia are one of the most suitable locations for exploring identity and education in interdisciplinary, inter-sectional, relational and eclectic ways.

Abstracts should be submitted by February 15, 2018. For more info please visit: www.cese-europe.org/2018. For more details on proposals, please click here.

12. Call for Proposals: WERA 2018 World Congress

The World Education Research Association (WERA) comprises of major national, regional, and specialty education research associations dedicated to sharing scholarship, developing networks, and mutually supporting capacity building.  The WERA 2018 World Congress is the first stand-alone WERA conference and will consist of a program of paper and symposia sessions on topics of world-wide scope.  In general, the WERA World Congress seeks to feature research that includes more than one country or is comparative, cross-cultural, international, or transnational in conceptualization, scope, or design.

The 2018 WERA World Congress invites papers, symposia, and posters from submitters drawn to the opportunity to advance knowledge and foster a reimaging of education research with a worldwide perspective at its core. This first-ever WERA Congress in particular seeks to attract significant international, transnational, and comparative scholarship and to encourage presentations that critically examine methodologies, measures, and modes of inquiry to support such work. Submissions that explore and explain commonalities and differences across countries and regions are sought. Also welcomed are submissions that address worldwide opportunities or constraints in advancing education research and fostering innovations in communication, collaboration, and networking.

Paper, symposia, and poster submissions must be submitted through the online portal. The final deadline to submit is February 20, 2018, 23:59 South African Time (GMT +2). For more details on proposals, please visit our website here.

13. Call for Proposals: 40th Annual EAIR Forum 2018

The 40th annual European Higher Education Society Forum aims to create a space for presenting, discussing and assessing in a cohesive manner cooperation, competition and complementarity in higher education. It is, in a way, a conference about the complex but beautiful “sound of higher education” when institutions are at work.

You may submit more than one proposal but only one (per main author) will be accepted. You will normally have a timeslot of 20 minutes to present the ideas set out in your paper plus 10 minutes for colleagues to comment on the ideas presented. There is a possibility that your presentation will be part of a new and/or different presentation format. For now there are 3 presentation formats for your proposal submission: (1) 30 minutes’ presentation, (2) Poster presentation, (3) Other format (workshop/panel/round table). Please indicate the nature of your proposal when submitting online.

Proposals must be submitted by February 26, 2018. For more details on proposals, please visit our website here. All queries should be sent to eair@eairweb.org.

14. Call for Proposals: Field Research Grants in the United Arab Emirates

The Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research is pleased to accept proposals from visiting scholars to conduct field research in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Doctoral and faculty scholars from a wide range of disciplines and professional fields are invited to apply, and proposals should address issues related to the Foundation’s research priority areas: education, public health (social dimensions), urban and community development, arts and culture, and philanthropy.

Scholars can submit proposals for the following grants:

  • Doctoral Research Grants
  • Faculty Research Grants
  • Seed Grants

The submission deadline for all grants is March 1, 2018. Submission and grant details are available through the Foundation’s website and specific questions can be directed to grants@alqasimifoundation.rak.ae.

15. IERI Spring Academy 2018

The IEA-ETS Research Institute (IERI) is organizing a three-day academy on conducting analysis using international large-scale assessment databases from IEA (TIMSS, PIRLS and ICCS) and OECD (PISA) school based studies.

The goals of this Academy are to:

  • Familiarize participants with the statistical complexities involved in working with and analyzing international large-scale assessment databases
  • Familiarize participants with the data structure of TIMSS, PIRLS, ICCS and PISA
  • Familiarize participants with software currently available to take into account statistical and data complexities of these databases
  • Prepare users to take into account the statistical complexities and complex data structure when using the databases with commercially available software.

The Academy will be held in Hamburg at the IEA Hamburg from Tuesday, May 15, 2018 to Thursday, May 17, 2018. The general day-to-day schedule of the academy will include both presentations and hands-on practical assignments using previous releases of these databases. Participation in the Academies will be limited to the first 30 registrants. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs and are accepted on a first come, first served basis. To register, fill our form here.

16. IPD Summer Academy and 3 Month CAS-Research Program

Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD is one of the leading organiser of several successful annual international academic trainings and research programs in Switzerland. IPD covers the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, mediation, security, intercultural dialogue, human rights & leadership. During the past years IPD trained participants from Government Institutes, UN Agencies, OSCE, EIB, GIZ, Embassies, Courts, IOs, NGOs, Companies, University and participants with other relevant Backgrounds.

We are proud to announce that our next traditional 10-20 Days Summer Academy during July 16 – 25, 2018 (IX Summer Academy) and July 25 – August 3, 2018 (X Summer Academy) will be held in Switzerland. Participants could choose one or both of the summer academies for participation or could stay for 3 Month CAS Research Program period to do research after participation in training. For more information or to access the application, please visit out website here.

Early Bird Application & Payment Deadline: April 15, 2018
Late Application & Payment Deadline: June 1, 2018


Short-Term Consultants, USAID Middle East Education, Research, Training, and Support Activity (MEERS), Middle East and North Africa | Social Impact (February 14, 2018)

Program Officer, International Children’s Education Program | Wellspring Philanthropic Fund (February 7, 2018)

Early Stage Researcher, Research & Analysis Unit | International Association of Educational Achievement (February 7, 2018)

Early Stage Research Fellows, Recruitment of Marie Sklodowska-Curie (RECOMS) | Coventry University (January 31, 2018)

Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Education | Universidad de Los Andes (January 31, 2018)